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San Angelo & West Texas Brush Control Services

C G F & R Inc is an environmental brush control business based in San Angelo Texas. We specialize in the removal of unwanted cedar and mesquite growth to restore land to a productive state. Much of West Texas is overgrown with brush to the point that it has no way of producing forage for livestock or wildlife. In addition that brush robs the soil of much of the rainfall that we receive turning otherwise potentially productive land into a virtual desert. With the investment of a few dollars per acre such land can grow forage and thus be returned to a profitable investment for the owner. The restoration of such lands is very cost effective compared to the purchase of new land. With ranch land costs being $1000 to $2000 per acre in West Texas as little as a five to ten per cent {5-10%} investment in brush control can put non productive land back in full production and add many dollars in overall value. Brush control then becomes not a cost but rather a value adding tool for you while enhancing the land’s ability to take full advantage of the rainfall we receive in West Texas. Studies abound of overgrown ranch land being returned to good quality forage production and previously dry waterways providing live water for livestock and wildlife with the removal of invasive brush.

As the business owner, I do all of the work myself.  I can assure the customer of a quality job with minimum problems.  The equipment is very mobile allowing me to move from one job to the next easily with a minimum of down time.  With my RV I can stay on the jobsite and make efficient use of time.  Under the "Equipment" tab are pictures of the various pieces of equipment that I use to facilitate brush removal under varying conditions.

I grew up on a West Texas ranch and graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Agriculture Science.  I have had a life long association with all types of agriculture endeavors and have good insight into the needs of the land steward in West Texas. I take great pride in enhancing the productivity of the land by eradicating the invasive plant growth all of West Texas struggles with.  I will assess your project and give you a free estimate.  I will then work with you to restore value in your land by promoting the growth of quality forage.

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